Orac activityBlüNordicity™

The Pearl of the North

Dry powder made from whole wild blueberries

Our single source from the 50th parallel and its antioxidant properties (20% more than any other wild blueberry) will allow you to provide your customers with a product unlike any other.

If you are looking to enhance your mixtures or your products, then BlüNordicity™ is for you!

Common name: Wild blueberry
Botanical name : Vaccinium angustifolium
Growing region : Sept-îles, QC, Canada


Fine powder

Particle size

40 mesh > 45 % passing


Typically dark blue-purple

Taste and smell

Typically tasteless and odorless

Physiochemical specifications

Moisture: very low moisture (< 5 %)


Store at room temperature, in a dry, cool and dark place away from sunlight, heat and moisture

Microbial and nutritional testing

Available upon request