Phytimpact, a canadian life science company, focuses on developing natural and complementary solutions to population suffering from important health challenges including diabetes type II, metabolism disorder. Phytimpact’s products are extracted from sustainable, natural raw materials from the Boreal forest.


Our mission

Offer to the population novel natural bioactive ingredients, efficient while keeping an eco-friendly footprint on earth at each step of production: plant cultivation and harvest, extraction and processing.

Our values


Because our external and internal team is driven by intellectual curiosity, we participate to scientific and business meetings, we exchange latest bio ingredient research and technologies to promote advance know-how that contribute to the development of innovative concepts and products.


The selection of plants that are included in our portfolio are based on ethnobotanics, we adopt a sustainable approach for our plant supply and for our products production. We value mutual beneficial relationships.


We are persistently creating better way of doing things we do! We expect more of ourselves than our clients do. We will endeavour to exceed expectations in every project.

The leadership team

Ph.D., PMP, MBA Scientific director
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Dr. Bertin is a plant physiologist with extensive experience in isolating and identifying bioactive secondary metabolites from plants. Her large experience in life science startups led her to develop an entrepreneurship spirit, which she consolidated with an MBA at HEC Montreal. She also acquired a deep knowledge of intellectual property portfolio management; product development which allows her to lead unique and innovative product portfolio development.
She received her M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in horticulture from Cornell University, USA and did her postdoctoral studies at Boyce Thompson Institute.

Founder and chief executive officer & director
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Laurent Morin has a unique ability to bridge the sales and scientific functions to open new markets for innovative products. He has over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing winning marketing and communication strategies to make his clients stand out from the competition both on local and international markets. His out-of-the box thinking provides creative solutions. Interested by agriculture and wellbeing, he has those last 5 years, developed an expertise in blueberry production systems and nutraceutical market.

Scientific advisory board

A multidisciplinary team of internationally recognized experts

Phytimpact has assembled an esteemed and globally recognized group of scientist to help guide the company’s R&D plans. The board is composed of experts with a track record of international scientific publications in phytochemistry, agronomy and pharmacology. Throughout their research careers at canadian universities, they have worked on numerous projects with industries, which enables them to understand the challenges of product development.

The scientific advisory board is playing a notable role in ensuring the scientific relevance and coherence of the organisation’s work.

Business strategic board

A versatile and collaborative team

Our strategic board assists the leadership team in promoting Phytimpact’s business development. It is composed of experts of various fields (IP strategy, product development, financial experts, regulation, strategic planning etc.) essential for the success of a life science private company

Experienced experts

They have worldwide recognized experience in biotech and pharmaceutical industry. It examines the company overall strategy and operations, reviews the competitive environment and the resulting short and long-term outlook for Phytimpact.