50th parallel ingredients
for nutraceutical and
cosmeceutical market

From farm to market
which assure
traceability and stability

Our growth is driven
by scientific innovation

100% Nordic bioactive proprietary ingredients for health and wellbeing

Phytimpact produces high performance specialty ingredients from plants from the boreal forest for various branches of industry including those in the food, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical sector.

Our boreal blue gold 
Nordic wild blueberries

A sustainable ecosystem

Through a solid ecosystem including regional growers and plant processors, Phytimpact allows an effective and reliable farm to market road. Ensuring sustainability at each step of our supply chain is one of our priority. The combination of high standards scientific, technical and manufacturing know-how within this ecosystem create essential synergies to allow a continuous development of new innovative and scientifically proven products.

Innovation & commitment at work

Scientific rigour drives research and development activities that are at the core of Phytimpact which will in terms establish our brand as a leader in the advanced proprietary bioactive ingredients arena. The company’s products are the direct result of innovative scientific research programs performed by research leders with globally established backgrounds.
Scientific publications

Scientific publications


Operation and farm:
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Sept-îles Qc Canada