LM La cuisine co-packing in Canada

A factory for value-added food processing
and co-packing

LM La cuisine offers co-packing services which involves several steps, including sourcing raw materials, processing, packaging, and distribution.

Saint-Anselme plant

Our plant propose 45,000 sq. Ft. Of space for food manufacturing and processing.

This factory has two vocations:

  • The provision of copacking food processing services
  • Manufacture of innovative ingredients and natural health products developed by the company.

Co-packing and food processing services

LM La Cuisine’s plant facilities provide the following food processing services:

  • Glass and plastic bottling 250 ml to 1 liter
  • Packaging and freezing
  • Soups, sauces, dressings, juices and jams
  • Pastry products (pancakes and pies)

Our advantages

The certifications

Traceability, quality control and rigor at all stages will make a quality product that you expect. The factory is CFIA certified with meat licence #277, GFSI SQF will be obtained in fall 2024

A multidisciplinary team

We are fortunate to have experienced food processing people

An impressive fleet of equipment

The factory has:

  • Solid Cooking: 1 spiral oven1.3 M BTU
  • Kettles: Capacity of 2,500 liters per batch
  • Bottling and potting line: Formats from 250 ml to 1L
  • Freezing: 3 CO2 freezing spirals, 1 blast freezer, Receiving and shipping freezers

Our engagements

  • Our business model is based on flexibility for large and small lots for both start-ups and large companies.
  • A dedicated team with great expertise in food processing.
  • Provide a full service such as: Product development, Scaling, Inventory management, Quality control document management

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