Powder of freeze-dried organic and conventional haskap

  • Haskap of northern Canada (Lonicera caerulea)
  • Excellent source of natural antioxidant
  • Exceptional ingredient to add to your food and nutraceutical products
  • Each gram of powder corresponds to 12 grams of whole fruit
  • Whole haskap powder (pulp, flesh and seed)
  • No added sugar or any other additive
  • less than 5% humidity
  • Stability 24 months when stored in a cool and dry place in its original packaging
  • GMO-free


Our freeze-dried wild blueberry powder is very often used as a dietary supplement because of all its benefits. It is then frequently added to cereals, desserts, beverages, smoothies.


4.5 kg cardboard box, double plastic bag and with moisture absorber or as required.

Drying technique

Freeze-drying (exceptional value for preserving ingredients health and flavor)